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Microbrewery in Prague

Czech is known for its Pilsen Pilsner but is there any special beer from the Prague capital? Are there any craft/microbrewery in Prague? Any suggestions to pub that serves good craft Czech brews?
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Looking for a very hoppy beer (in Germany)

Which beer, that is available in Germany, can you recommend that is more bitter than Jever? Or, to re-phrase the question: What is the beer with the most hop that you know of, in Germany?
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Can one pilsener cause a hangover when another doesn't?

I frequently hear stories about people drinking their favorite pilsener, and not liking the other brand because "they'll get a hangover when drinking that brand". Is there a truth in this?
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What is the best angle to store beer bottles?

Currently I am storing my bottles in the crates at a (about) 20 degree angle (bottles are upwards!). Does the way of storing the bottles affect something (and how)?
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