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Pertaining to the fermenting of honey or where honey is the primary sugar in the alcoholic beverage.

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Mead is it still good?

I made a 5 gallon batch of mead, I racked it once and then Left it in my carboy for a number of years, during which the vapor lock water evaporated. Is it still ok to try? Or should I toss it? Looks ...
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How long does Chouchen keep once opened?

I have tried to look this up but have only come up with a few community sites with improper sourcing and varying degrees of answer (from 1 month to many years). Does anyone have first hand knowledge ...
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How to tell if my home-brewed mead is safe/ready to drink?

Good day; So, I made some very simple mead, about a month ago. There's about 2 liters; in a simple bottle and a home-made airlock. It's about 35% honey, the rest is bottled water, about half a ...
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What is the regulatory process of being able to produce and sell an alcoholic drink in South Africa commercially?

We have started producing small batches of a unique honey mead that is doing well in small to large stall type markets. What are the steps that need to be followed in order to get a license to ...
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How much pressure can a flip top take?

I'm making mead, 3 lbs honey topped up to 1 gallon with champagne yeast. My final gravity is ~1.044. Still lots of sugar in there, but fermentation had all but stopped. I put it all into 1 Liter flip ...
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Brewing mead with fruits

This is my first time homebrewing. I'm making mead with apples but noticed that some of the sliced apples lies above the liquid level. Do I need to push them down? Will the apple rot and spoil the ...
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Can home-brewed mead be dangerous?

I want to home-brew some mead because why not , plus it seems pretty easy to do. My question is : Can any mistake in the brewing process make the drink "poisonous" ?
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Roman recipe for mead

I found online an ancient recipe for mead, given by the Spanish-Roman naturalist Columella in "De re rustica": Take rainwater kept for several years, and mix a sextarius (around 1/2 litre) of this ...
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Can mead spoil? If so, in what ways?

Based on my research it seems like mead just flat out doesn't spoil, but since I didn't see this specific question here I thought I'd throw it out there to confirm. I bought a bottle of mead just ...
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Any Iranian rummers here? What yeast do you use?

A lot of Iranians would gladly push away their teetotal laws, and it's evident from the latest alcohol craze which makes me realize there are probably more and more Iranian rummers present in our ...
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What properties help mead to age without skunking?

I have done a little home-brewing (with friends) and have made or helped make several meads over the years -- enough to prompt this question but not enough to provide sufficient data to answer it. ...
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