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Lager is a type of beer that is conditioned at low temperatures, normally in cold storage at the brewery, before being delivered to the consumer. It may be pale, golden, amber, or dark.

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40 votes
6 answers

What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

Apart from coming out of different taps, some ales seem very similar to lagers (although there are clearly a much greater variety of ales). Is there a difference in the way they are made?
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Glassware for lagers: why did my Stella Artois come in this kind of glass?

I've seen Why did my Big Bad Baptist come in a brandy snifter? and understand from the answer there that there are two basic reasons to use a glass with a wider bowl for beer: to concentrate armoas, ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Looking for dark but not heavy

I tend to go for darker beers, typically stouts and porters. Guinness is my usual go to when I'm at a bar or restaurant, but as appealing as "a meal in a glass" is, on occasion I find these to be a ...
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What's the difference between an "export" beer and a regular beer from the same brewer?

In the UK at least, a great many beers are marketed with a regular version and a fancier (more expensive) 'export' version. For example: Carlsberg and Carlsberg 'Export'. Is there any reason why the ...
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What's a good (neutral) sample beer to spike with a sensory training kit?

I recently ordered a sensory training kit from Siebel Institute. In short, glass vials of liquid isolating flavors (including off-flavors and contamination) commonly found in beer. The instructions ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What style of lager is Corona? And what other beers are similar?

Corona Extra is a Mexican beer that is very popular (in Australia anyway). Most people seem to like it for it's drinkability, and suitability for enjoyment in hot weather. Is there a name for this ...
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Difference between Dark Lager and Black Lager

Is there a difference between Black Lager and Dark Lager, or is it just the name? Since the recipes for Dark/Black Lagers seem to be quite varied, it is hard to tell if there are any majorly ...
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Do coffee lagers exist?

I've had coffee stouts a number of different places. This seems to be a fairly common additive at American microbreweries. However, it seems like they are always adding coffee to stouts. I was ...
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What are the IBUs (bitterness units) of common lagers? Also, what are hop contents?

I would be interested to know these two things: (1): What are the ratings in IBU of common lagers: e.g. Stella, Kronenbourg, Fosters, Becks, Heineken, San Miguel, Corona? Are there major differences?...
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Are different mainstream Lagers really all that different?

Is there any differences in the mainstream company lagers? I often see people go into bars and just order a pint of lager, even though there are many different lagers available at the bar. This leads ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What are some big brand Dunkel beers in the United States?

I love Dunkel's (German Dark Lager) every time I have them but live in a small town without much local access to imported or small brewery beers (unless they are a bigger name). What I want to know is ...
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Why is Lager/Pilsner the most common beer style for alcohol-free beer?

If one wants to buy alcohol-free beer in a supermarket, the most common beer style is Lager/Pilsner. I have never seen other styles such as alcohol-free Witbier, IPA, Stout etc. in a store, but from ...
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Why do lagers get made in tropical climates?

Lagers traditionally were made in the colder months and stored (lagered) in caves. As lager yeast prefers a colder fermentation and conditioning temperature than ales, why is lager regularly made in ...
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Does drinking mainstream, mass-produced lagers give you a worse hangover than real ale?

I have noticed that when I spend a night drinking the usual lagers found on bar taps in the UK (Heineken, Carlsberg, etc.), I have a much worse hangover than when I spend a night drinking locally ...
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1 answer

Why were lagers invented?

What made brewers in the 19th century decide to start using bottom-fermenting yeast and cooler fermenting temperatures? Were they trying to solve some specific problem, like making the best of ...
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Could whisky in lager be considered a lethal cocktail?

I know you can have whisky chasers with lager or beer, I used to have them all the time, and still do when I am on a cruiseship. However, having a chaser is not quite the same as pouring a large ...
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How can I brew a black lager? [closed]

Is a black lager really a lager (in terms of yeast and brewing time)? Can I just throw in whatever would make a good stout but use lager yeast? If not, then how much play is there to the recipe? I've ...
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