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IBU indicates the International Bitterness Unit scale, a perceived relative bitterness measurement.

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What's the point of IBUs if hoppier beers have lower IBU than stouts?

I'm confused by the whole idea of IBUs. I see a lot of IPAs that are rated in the 40s or 50s for IBU, but in practice they are much more bitter than stouts in the 80+ range. Shouldn't the IPAs have a ...
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De Ranke XXX Beer

From beer advocate, it says that the XXX beer from De Ranke brewery is no longer brewed. ( It's no longer on their brewery page too: http://www....
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How exactly is IBU measured?

Are IBU-testing kits generally available or do you require labs and lots of equipment? Is anything available for testing my homebrew? (I am thinking of something like litmus paper)
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What sort of flavours distinguish ultra-high IBU beers from other high IBU beers?

When I've drunk high-IBU beers such as Mikkeller's Hop Burn High (labelled as 300 IBU) I've been able to taste and smell the hops, but I'd be hard pressed to say that it was e.g. 6 times as bitter as ...
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Is there any way that I can discern the IBU of a beer if the bewer doesn't provide that information?

Some brewers are awesome and kind enough to place information like the ABV, IBU, and even SRM right on the label of any beer they distribute. This is rad, because (in theory), it means I know exactly ...
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