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Is it necessary to add sugar when brewing wine?

I was asking a few people irl about brewing wine and they were all stressing the need to add sugar to grape juice. Is it really necessary to add sugar? I find it surprising since, as far as I'm aware, ...
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2 answers

Is there a recipe for a Kosher for Passover beer or ale?

I'm looking to do a home brew of a Kosher for Passover beer. Is there a recipe I can follow?
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Home brew legalities South Africa

Good day everyone, I write for The Citizen newspaper. Mpumalanga Provincial Commissioner Lt General Mondli Zuma has stated it is illegal to home brew beer. I'd like to help correct him on this. If ...
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Found brewing grains in a bunch of paper bags - can I use them?

Found a bunch of specialty grains I'd intented for a beer but lost to time. They've been in brown paper bags for well over a year. Is it worth using them at all for a small batch or has time/air ...
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Adding Spirit Essences to home brew beer

I am new to home brewing now having done only 3 batches, I am looking to add flavours, my last batch was a light beer which I added lime codial to and was great, but can I add Still Spirit Essences to ...
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