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A resealable portable container, typically 32-64 fluid oz., used by consumers to purchase beer at a brewery and consume elsewhere.

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Why are half gallon growlers illegal in Florida?

Florida has a strange bottling law that allows growlers in 32 oz and 128 oz sizes but not 64 oz. People have tried to get the law changed but so far it's failed. How did the 64 oz size come to be ...
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Are there any good uses for beer that has sat in my growler for too long?

I usually try to drink all of the beer in my growler over the course of two nights. While the second serving is usually a good bit less stellar than the first it's usually still quite drinkable. ...
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What are the specific laws regarding growler fills in Massachusetts?

I'm headed up to Boston next weekend for an event, and was planning to take up a few empty (or maybe full!) growlers to fill with interesting and delicious things from some of the local breweries up ...
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How can I prolong the life of beer in a growler?

Beer in a growler typically lasts for 24 hours or less, depending on how full the growler is, how many times it's opened over that period of time, and how efficient the seal is on the lid. Are there ...
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Can a brewery in California fill any growler?

There has been some confusion around the laws regarding "refillable containers" in California. At times, I have been told that a brewery cannot refill another brewery's growler. At other times, I ...
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Do growlers of different materials have a tangible impact on flavor?

Most commonly I see glass growlers, but on various sites and at specialty shops I occasionally see variations: ones made of stainless steel or plastic for example. One would hope that there aren't ...
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Are growlers considered open containers?

My local brewery fills growlers and just adds a twist-off cap to the top. They do not place any kind of seal or sticker on the cap to prove it hasn't been opened. So if I get pulled over for whatever ...
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Growler fillups in San Jose/South Bay Area

So I just recently got a growler and so far so great. The only problem I am having is finding places where I can fill up. Does anyone have any recommendations as to location in the San Francisco Bay ...
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