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Why is it important to have foam on a beer?

I've seen people complain when served a beer without foam. Equally, getting a glass full of foam is no use. When serving a beer, how much is the right amount of foam and why is this important?
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How do you tame a 'foamy' keg?

Have a kegerator home built system for 1/2 barrel beer in the garage. Recently had a keg of beer that was foamy no matter what we tried to do. Served it low temp, 37 degrews, and almost no CO2 ...
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12 votes
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Giving beer a decent head and why people like it?

I love beer, but when I pour myself one, I try not to make it foam too much, I personally don't like the 'head' of a beer (Don't really know how to say it). My dad drinks beer religiously and demands ...
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What determines how much foam a beer produces when it is poured?

Different beers and different types of storage result in different amounts of foam being produced when the beer is poured, from almost none at all to a glass full of foam. What factors, both in terms ...
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Decreasing foam in over-carbonated beer [duplicate]

I have some homebrew that is really over-carbonated (before i learned about priming sugar calculators). Consequently, i have to pour it into two pint glasses to contain all the foam, and wait 5-10 ...
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What is a comparable beer to Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier?

I am trying to think of what US brewed beer tastes most similar to a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier...
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was working great, now all foam

I'm a beer keg newbie. I'm on my third keg and i am still having problems. I tapped the keg on Christmas Day after leaving it for 24 hours. Temp is 39, pressure is 12 running a 5ft line. It poured ...
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