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How much fermentation happens post-bottling in a UFO?

In Harpoon's UFO series (and other related products from other companies), the beer is bottled unfiltered, so some of the yeast carries over into the bottled beer. As long as the beer is kept in a ...
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"Green Schlitz" myth: Was the beer green, or the flakes?

I am editing an academic economics paper (I'm a grad student), and I ran across the following line: Schlitz changed preservatives, which led to green flakes in the beer. The paper references an ...
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Does "ice-cold filtering" have additional value for a beer?

Some German pilsner beers have and "ice-cold filtered" ("eiskalt gefiltert") line on their bottle labels. Is there any difference (regarding the taste first of all) between "normal" filtering and the ...
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Pump filtration of fruit liqueurs to get rid of cloudy sediment?

Straining through muslin cloth removes large sediment particles very quickly. The next step would be to put it through coffee filter paper but over such a large quantity, this would take an unfeasible ...
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