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Is Guinness on tap better quality in Ireland? [duplicate]

My roommate was born and raised in Ireland, Dublin mostly, and he insists that not only is draught Guinness (never had it from the bottle myself) better tasting in Ireland than Canada, or the States ...
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Why draught beer tastes so different at different places in India [closed]

I just want to know why draught beer tastes so different at different places in India. I have been to different places all over the country and the beer tastes radically different.
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What is so special about Guinness DRAUGHT?

I haven't heard a lot about the DRAUGHT (Guinness) in terms of its taste. But my brother insists to say that DRAUGHT is the queen of the Guinness. But I found nothing special, indeed, I find it ...
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Why does draught (draft) beer cause hangovers?

Why is draught (draft) beer known to cause more hangovers than bottled beer?
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How can I diagnose dirty taps from drinking a beer?

There's a restaurant I've visited several times where the food is good, but the draught beer often tastes... off. It's hard to describe exactly how the taste is wrong, but the word "musty" comes to ...
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How can canned beer be draft without the widget? (Japan-specific)

Here in Japan, draft beer is called nama (生) beer, or so my boss said. Referencing my previous question, one answer said that draft beer is "pushed using gas, or drawn via a partial vacuum". I get the ...
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Can quick beer cooling have a negative effect on the beer's taste?

Is there a difference if we compare the classical cooling of the whole keg: and the quick flow cooling where the keg is at the ambient temperature? Can the quick cooling have negative effect on the ...
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What are the effects of draught beer pushing medium on beer's taste and quality?

For pushing of beer out of a keg to the line and faucet various media could be used. Usually they are gases which come into a direct contact with the beer like: carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon ...
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Popularity of tank beer

In Czech Republic pubs with tank beer are pretty common and popular. There in many pubs and restaurants the beer is not stored in mobile casks or kegs but in much larger stationary tanks. Here is ...
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Why does a nitro beer taste different? [duplicate]

Why does a draught beer with a nitrogen taste different from a draught beer with a primarily carbon dioxide carbonation?
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Why does Guinness have a special pouring process / bottle, while other stouts do not?

Guinness is sold in bottles and cans with special nitrogen widgets; the taps are specially rigged to have a two-step pouring process; heck, there's even a certificate given to people who learn how to "...
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Why doesn't bottled beer taste as good as draught beer?

Bottled beer is significantly different than the same label beer available on tap. How does bottled beer differ from draught beer? What is done to the bottled beer in order to prolong its shelf life ...
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