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The separation of a liquid mixture, by boiling point, into its distinct constituent components. Normally accomplished by controlled boiling and condensation in a still.

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What is the difference between beer and whisky?

I was reading the articles about how beer and whisky are made: It occurred to me ...
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Homemade alcohol

As you know with the ongoing corona-virus issue, the need of alcohol as a disinfectant had increased dramatically. I live in Iran, where alcohol is illegal. Nowadays, even if you can find a 100cc of ...
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Is distilled water automatically deionised water?

In the process of distilling water. Does the said water become de-ionised? I don't know how many ways I've tried to put this but it keeps coming back as not up to your standards. Oh that did it it ...
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Mash overflows and lid comes off distiller

I've got a store bought distiller, this is my second time using it. The first time I put homemade wine & made some nice Brandy. This time I have a all-grain mash which has been fermenting for 5 ...
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Is peaty whiskey made in other parts of the world besides Islay?

I recently came back from a visit to Islay in Scotland, where I learned that the distilleries use peat in the process of drying barley to give the local Scotch its distinctive peaty flavor. I'm ...
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Why is Rum not affected in the same way by distillation as other alcohols like Vodka?

Is this true: Distilled alcohol such as gin, vodka, scotch, whisky and rye are produced from fermentation and distillation of wheat, barely or rye. The distillation process separates the ...
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Extracting oils and flavours before fermentation

Distillation of ethereal oils is made with different pressures and temperatures than distillation of alcohol. So when distilling spirits out of mash directly most of the tastes get lost. I wonder if ...
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If buying a distillery, what would you focus on?

As I receive many offers of Latin American spirits and do not have any experience in marketing those (high quality) products I think to buy into an existing distillery with skilled personnel, to use ...
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How much of a spirit's flavour comes from the original fermentation?

It's my understanding that distillation produces alcohol to a very high percentage, over 90%. Obviously this doesn't leave a lot of room for flavour compounds. And indeed a lot of white spirit, such ...
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Distilling fermented beverages to remove head without concentrating alcohol?

AFAIK, good distillers discard (or at least reduce) the head (typically the first 5%) of any primary distillation run because it is predominantly less desirable high-VOC compounds. Is distillation ...
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Sour Mash Whiskey

Assume I know how to properly ferment grain and distill it into whisky, and that I have all the necessary equipment. If I want a "sour mash" whisky, how would I go about it? From a bit of research, ...
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How can I make a home distillation set up, safely?

This is more of a hypothetical question! Disclaimer: I have no intention of doing home distillation in any form whatsoever. In most countries home distillation of any alcohol products is illegal. ...
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