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Apple, pear or other fruit fermentation.

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Is there a real life equivalent to Bean's Alcoholic Cider in Fantastic Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox says the cider "burns in your throat, boils in your stomach, and tastes almost exactly like pure melted gold." To me, that sounds like an ABV of at least 25-30%, but I've never seen an ...
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Acidity regulation of home made wine, berry wine or cider?

What are methods to regulate acidity of home made wine after it is become "a little bit too acid"? Somehow remove acid (especially acetic acid) or transform one acid to another (weaker, softer) ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to recover a carboy of cider?

I'm one of those people who puts nearly all my energy into things other than brewing. And yet I still do it a little. That's why I have a carboy of cider that is 18 months old in my basement. I don'...
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A romantic evening - what to drink?

OK, I want to create a romantic evening - everything is organized except for the perfect beverage! For various reasons, champagne is out, so is any type of wine or beer or cider. Thus the question, ...
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Are there styles of cider? How to distinguish them before opening the bottle?

Mercifully, brewers label their beers with the style - lager, IPA, Hefeweisse, etc. But for whatever reason, the makers of hard ciders don't share the sentiment, and every single bottle will just call ...
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Dry Cider recommendations

I find most ciders to be a bit too sweet for my tastes. Most of the lineup from Woodchuck is on the sweet side. I like most of the Crispin Cider lineup. Does anyone have any recommendations for dry ...
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Spicy Hard Cider

So I enjoy spicy beers from time to time (when they're done well). Chili porters, jalapeno/habanero IPAs, etc. I have a friend who loves spicy things but also has Celiac's and so can't drink beer. ...
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