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Angove's 1995 "Port": Drinkable or Not?

I came into possession of a bottle of fortified wine - it says on the label "Premium Vintage Angove's 1995 Port". I happened to be at Angove's cellar door doing a tasting and I mentioned to them that ...
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Drinkability for NV wines in Cellartracker

On you can declare which wines you have purchased and their vintage, etc. There is also a "drinkability"/"drinking window" field where you can recommend when a particaular wine ...
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How do I build a beer room/cellar?

I've got an extra room in my house that I was thinking of turning into a "beer cellar", or as much of a cellar as an above ground room can be. I don't have a problem with the actual construction, but ...
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How can I tell whether a beer will improve with age?

Most mass-market beers come with expiration dates, and cease to be good for drinking if too much time has passed since they were brewed, even if they've been stored in unopened containers and good ...
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