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Questions about alcoholic beverages sold and severed in cans.

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Busch Bavarian Beer can

I cannot find any information on this can. I believe it is from the 1950s. Busch Bavarian Beer The words BUSCH BAVARIAN BEER is on the front and back. It is printed over mountains with 2 black ...
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Sealed beer can doesn't feel full

I have a can of local craft brew from a smallish brewery that has some "give" when I squeeze it. According to the can it was canned about 1 month ago. Other cans in the six pack feel normal and ...
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Where can I find a type of beer that comes in flat top beer cans?

I am looking for a beer that is sold in flat top cans or at least cans that require a tool to open it. A friend and I were discussing it and I thought that it would make an excellent present. I am ...
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Why does canned Guinness DRAUGHT have a plastic sphere?

Into a canned DRAUGHT Guinness I found a plastic white sphere. What is its purpose?
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Difference between glass, bottle and can?

I was wondering if there really is a difference in taste when you drink the same beer out of a glass, a bottle and a can. Can anybody please tell me if there is a difference or if this is just a ...
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Where to buy "Medalla"?

Where can I order Puerto Rican brand "Medalla" (canned) from Germany/online ? May there is better German beer available, but I liked drinking frozen Medalla when I was visiting PR last summer - and ...
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Will a collection of 100 beers collectively be worth more 20 years from now than their value today?

Different beer bottles and cans (with contents) from different places collected in the past 3 years.
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Where can I found out which beer cans are "collectable"?

I have started to collect beer cans over the past year or so, some are older and some are new. I am curious to see where I can find more information on what specific old or new beer cans (by brand, ...
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Do cans change the taste of beer?

My favorite beers come in bottles and in cans. I always buy it in bottles because I've heard that cans negatively impact the flavor of the beer. Is this true? If so, how does it work?
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