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Where can I buy Grimbergen Beer in Edmonton or Sherwood Park, Alberta?

I bought it last at Eagle Spirit 212 Wye Road Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
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4 answers

Where to buy Absinthe

I have heard a lot about this legendary beverage and I know it was forbidden in the market for a while because of some rumors, anyway, I want to give it a try but I have never seen it in any store. It ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to obtain Japanese whisky in Canada?

A few months ago I learned of a popular Japanese whisky, Yamazaki 12. Since then I've been searching, and searching for methods to get my hands on a bottle, but have come up empty-handed. Being in ...
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Where is it possible to legally obtain powdered alcohol in the USA and Canada?

I recently came across this Wikipedia on alcohol powder or powdered alcohol, which is also known as palcohol. !n 2014, Popular Science had this to say about palachol: Palcohol will be available in ...
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Where to buy "Grimbergen" in Canada

I've spent much time in Ottawa and Halifax, and have yet to find a consistent source of this nectar of the gods. Locations Found: Liquor Store in Whistler, BC LCBO in Trainyards, Ottawa Greek ...
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