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Why is it every time I try an old expensive wine it's doesn't compare to a 25-35$ two year old wine I buy?

On special occasions friends or family have brought over expensive 20-25 year old bottles of Spanish or Italian wines to celebrate the occasion. I'm no wine expert other than going to the local Liquor ...
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Beer shop in Brittany (cave à bières bretonnes située en Bretagne)

I am searching for some shops with large (100+) selection of beers from Brittany. I have two somewhat different targets: (1) a shop located in Rennes, more than V&B, or around RN 164, see below: ...
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How long in advance do you need to order Westvleteren?

I'm thinking of going to Belgium for a week's holiday in the autumn and this time take the car from the UK. This would be perfect for stopping by the monks at Westvleteren and buying a case of beer. ...
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What online Italian wine stores ship to USA (South-West)?

What online Italian wine stores ship internationally? I know Vino75 does not.
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Which Brahma beer is unhopped?

I had a bottle of Brahma beer when I was in Brasíl some years ago, and I didn't save the label. These are what I remember: it was sweet and malty. it had a white label. it had 4% or thereabouts ...
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Is there any proof that a $1,000 bottle of wine is a good wine?

The other day, I was in a specialty wine store and noticed several bottles of wines priced between $500 and $5,000! Is there any way of knowing (historically or otherwise) that a particular ...
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Beer Clubs Online

What is the best beer subscription service that people have found? I have wanted to get beers delivered to my doorstep that I have never tried before.
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Is there a site (or app) like Beer Advocate that lets me give just an overall rating?

Beer Advocate used to allow you to give an overall rating for a beer, rather than giving score breakdowns (appearance, smell, mouth feel, etc). They have recently changed this and you can only supply ...
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Is there a BeerAdvocate-like ranking of beers commonly found in supermarkets?

Is there a ranking of beers (maybe by country) you can actually find in a supermarket? I know the BeerAdvocate one, but it seems I would need to sell my soul to get any beer in the top 250.
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Where to buy "Medalla"?

Where can I order Puerto Rican brand "Medalla" (canned) from Germany/online ? May there is better German beer available, but I liked drinking frozen Medalla when I was visiting PR last summer - and ...
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Bellwoods Brewery Beer in the UK

So, I was in Toronto (Canada) a little while ago and absolutely fell in love with a couple of the beers from Bellwoods Brewery. Specifically: Witchshark; and Monogamy I have been casually looking ...
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