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How much pressure can a flip top take?

I'm making mead, 3 lbs honey topped up to 1 gallon with champagne yeast. My final gravity is ~1.044. Still lots of sugar in there, but fermentation had all but stopped. I put it all into 1 Liter flip ...
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A plastic bottle of gira (kvass) expanded in the plane: what are the possible consequence?

A couple of friend just came back from vacation in Lithuania and brought me a bottle of gira. However, the bottle is made of plastic (it looks like a soda bottle) and it suffered from what I guess is ...
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How do I limit the amount of sediment in bottles?

I recently made my second batch of beer. It's a pumpkin ale. I am finding that the bottles contain a large amount of sediment, almost like slush at the bottom the bottle. The beer is delicious, but ...
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How do you pour a bottle conditioned beer?

Bottle conditioned beers (such as many homebrews or those explicitly labelled as bottle conditioned/fermented) are, I'm told, supposed to be poured a specific way to avoid getting the yeast from the ...
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Should bottle conditioned beers be consumed quickly after purchase and do they carry on changing taste for a while?

Just wondering how a bottle conditioned beer will change over its life - if at all? And is there a perfect time to drink one? Also do different types change differently?
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How do I build a beer room/cellar?

I've got an extra room in my house that I was thinking of turning into a "beer cellar", or as much of a cellar as an above ground room can be. I don't have a problem with the actual construction, but ...
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How can I tell whether a beer will improve with age?

Most mass-market beers come with expiration dates, and cease to be good for drinking if too much time has passed since they were brewed, even if they've been stored in unopened containers and good ...
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