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7 votes
3 answers

Do Bartenders ever make their own inventive drinks for the Christmas holidays in bars?

Does anyone know of any bartenders inventing their own inventive Christmas season drinks that are sold locally in their pub or bar? I am looking for examples in which the bartender himself is the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What’s the drinking game with thumb on the bar?

I'm aware of a drinking game involving thumbs on the bar, but unsure of it's name or details and how to 'play' it - does anyone know such a game ?
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3 votes
2 answers

When to stir a drink and when to shake a drink?

What is the general rule of thumb when it comes to stirring a drink vs shaking a drink? If I come up with my own cocktail recipe, how should I determine if it should be shaken or stirred? I think ...
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2 answers

How to batch a cocktail with a muddled ingredient?

I'd like to prepare Gin Basil Smashes for a large event but it calls for muddling basil leaves for each serving which will be too slow. Before I experiment, is there already a known way to prepare a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do kegs go bad faster once they are tapped?

If a beer keg is tapped and served but is then untapped before it is empty, and kept cold, does that make the beer in the keg more likely to go flat or become undesirable? Context would be if a bar ...
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1 answer

Storing liquor out of sunlight for a home bar in a Florida sunroom?

I've found posts on storage of liquor at home (e.g. this), but is there any advice out there for storing liquor out of sunlight for a home bar in a Florida sunroom? In the past, I've learned direct ...
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Looking for smooth handled bar spoon w/ muddler

Looking for a very specific bar spoon (image included). It is smooth-handled (important), with a muddler, 11 inches long. Has a nice weight to it. Anyone seen this before? I saw a similar one here ( ...
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