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Why have craft beers increased in alcohol content?

I've noticed recently that when it comes to pale ales of all types, alcohol content has increased significantly. Where ten years ago, most beers were either 4% or 5% or maybe 5.2% alcohol by volume, (...
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Why is alcohol so expensive in Australia?

How is it that alcohol is so expensive in Australia? Is it just because of taxation?
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Do you need to actually be flying somewhere in order to buy booze duty free at the airport?

I live in Sydney. I was wondering if it would be possible to take a trip to the airport and buy a whole bunch of Johnnie walker duty free? Do you actually have to be boarding a flight, or can you just ...
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Craft beers and Microbreweries in Melbourne?

There are several lists online for craft brews in Melbourne, Australia:
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How did South Australia come to have smaller measures of beer?

The "Beer in Australia" article on Wikipedia, includes a table listing the names for various size glasses in the different states. One peculiarity is that some South Australian glasses are one size ...
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