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Alcohol by volume: the quantity of alcohol measured by volume, expressed as a percentage of the total volume of the beverage when it is at 20°C.

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Why does ABV have to be above 40% in the USA?

The USA requires spirits to have a minimum of 40% Alcohol by volume. However, I can not find a reason of why this is the case. Other countries allow for lower volumes. For example, in Mexico, most ...
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Does adding honey to bottled wine increase the alcohol content?

I purchased a Montepulciano, added 80 grams of honey and some pepper, and then put it in the fridge. A glass of it after 24 hours seemed to me more alcoholic than what it was originally. Is it ...
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Why are spirits typically 40% ABV?

I live in France. I've found that at least cheaper (supermarket) spirits are almost always exactly 40% ABV. You can find stronger if you buy more niche or expensive alcohols like Chartreuse, but the ...
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How do they get beer so strong?

I was looking for some new beers to try and I came across some really, and I mean really, strong beers and here are a few examples: Sink in the Bismark - AVB: 40% End of History - AVB: 55% ...
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In the United States, is a beer required to state ABV on the bottle/label?

I recently purchased a Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. I bought it on a whim because 1. I was looking for a stout, and 2. I typically enjoy Dogfish Head. Only after I got home and looked it up did I ...
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ABV of small beer?

I understand that a much weaker version of beer, called 'small beer', was historically drunk as a safe way to drink liquid. This was at a time when drinking plain water might well have made you sick, ...
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What are some high-ABV IPA's in the Northeast United States?

I'm very familiar with Dogfishhead's series of 60/75/90/120 minute IPA's, Harpoon's Leviathan, and have recently found new favorites in Sixpoint Hi-Res and Resin. What are some similar high-ABV ...
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Does a session beer have to be below a specific ABV?

Does anyone know if a "session beer" has to be below a specific ABV to qualify as a session beer?
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How accurate is Alcohol by Volume in beer?

If I get a beer labelled 5% ABV, how accurate is that measurement likely to be?
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Does reduced-alcohol beer taste differently?

Some states (in America) have ridiculous laws about what types of beer can be sold in various places. Often times certain types of stores can only sell "3 2 beer," or beer with no more than 3.2% ABV. ...
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At what point/percentage can beer properly "age"? [duplicate]

I recently encountered a beer that was utterly rank and had an awful aroma. I tasted a small sip, but had to toss the rest. Investigating the label on this beer, I discovered it had an expiry date of ...
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