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For questions about absinthe, the high-alcoholic spirit rumoured to have been the inspiration for many an artist in recent centuries

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How can absinthe be colored into a different colour other than green?

Some days ago I was walking on the street and passed by a beverage store where I saw some bottles of absinthe. There were green, red and blue versions, and I thought how could absinthe, a classically ...
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Is the saying true that drinking absinthe drives a person insane?

Absinthe has been said to cause insanity, permanent brain-damage and/or hallucinatory state. Is this accurate?
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What benefit does burning the sugar cube bring to enjoying a glass of absinthe?

I've had absinthe served to me using an absinthe fountain several times. You have a little absinthe in a glass and you use the fount to slowly drip water over the glass. On top of the glass there is ...
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What does the absinthe ritual do?

I'm not an absinthe expert, and also, I'm not really unto rituals of any kind, so I'm curious. Can anybody tell me what the absinthe ritual does? You know, this. Pour the absinthe into a glass. ...
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Where to buy Absinthe

I have heard a lot about this legendary beverage and I know it was forbidden in the market for a while because of some rumors, anyway, I want to give it a try but I have never seen it in any store. It ...
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