So I enjoy spicy beers from time to time (when they're done well). Chili porters, jalapeno/habanero IPAs, etc. I have a friend who loves spicy things but also has Celiac's and so can't drink beer. Anyone know of any spicy hard ciders out there or spicy gluten-free beers that might work for someone who's gluten-free? One available in Southern California is preferable.

A little internet searching turned up the following two, but at least one of the two isn't available in San Diego:

Finn River (Washington state based, might be here), Rate Beer page for Finn River

McClure's (Indiana based), Rate Beer for McClure's

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Wandering Aengus Ciderworks of Salem, OR has a chili cider, though it might be only available on tap. Their website does say that their bottles are now being distributed in So Cal.



Blake's makes a mango habanero hard cider called El Chavo. It's not insanely spicy, but it's got some heat and good flavor.


They've also actually just come out with an imperial version of this stuff called El Chapo that's aged in tequila barrels.

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