I'm a whiskey enthusiast and I want to try making cocktails using whiskey (Normally I use chilled water or Ice cubes, but some whiskeys have an obnoxious smell). I have tried bourbon (JD, Jim Beam) with Fanta and it tasted good. Is it possible to use some cold drinks/soft drinks together with whiskey (like Red Label, Black & White, Teachers, etc, even Signature)?

Looking forward to any helpful suggestion!

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Whisky/whiskey and soda is a drink that's been popular since the 19th century. In the basic form it is very simple, but there are many possible variations (see, for example, these eight recipes from Chivas Regal.

Smokey whisky and Cola (which is usually called a "Smokey Cokey") is my personal favourite.


For a two-ingredient cocktail involving a cold pre-made drink you could mix whiskey with your favorite sweetened canned cold brew coffee for a quick Irish coffee.

If you're willing to buy a couple additional versatile liquors you can build up a bar that would allow you to mix up some fun cocktails. If you like a slightly bitter and refreshing drink, a bottle of Campari and some sweet vermouth unleashes the Boulevardier. (Drifting from your question a bit, if you sub gin for the whiskey and you've got a Negroni.)

Hold the Campari and add a couple dashes of Angostura bitters and you have a Manhattan.

Hold the sweet vermouth and add some sugar and you can make an Old Fashioned.

Lots of fun to be had adding just a couple additional bottles to your liquor cabinet!


I sometimes like to make a semblance of a blue lagoon


  1. Whiskey - 50ml
  2. Blue curacao - 20ml
  3. Sprite - 150ml
  4. Fruit to taste
  5. Ice - 50 - 200g.

The color that will turn out, I have not seen anywhere :)


If you widen out your choice to include Scotch whiskies, there are a huge range of cocktails that will work with both the delicate flavours of a lowland whisky and the powerful peatiness of Islay malts.

I would even recommend a Talisker Hot Toddy for when you have a sore throat:

  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Hot water
  • Talisker

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