I really like the flavor of dark beer, but I hate getting buzzed. Thus, I have developed the habit of drinking a single beer over the course of 1-3 days, because then I can keep my BAC low (ie. sub 0.01%). I am curious if the health effects of drinking slowly differ from drinking fast and intermittently.

For example, will the following have different health effects and how?

  • 1 beer drunk in 10min every day
  • 1 beer drunk in 8 hours every day
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    I kind of doubt you’ll find any scientific studies on this.
    – Eric S
    Apr 12 at 13:19

I would have to guess that the health effects are very different. The kidneys will have a tougher load to process with 1 beer/10 min/day versus 1 beer/8 hours/day. 2 beers or 96 beers a day using awake time of 16hrs.

So you would have Drunk, overloading the kidneys and liver, along with withdrawal symptoms if you stop for a couple days. The 2 a day can also give withdrawal symptoms if you do this for awhile and then stop for a couple days. I currently have a patient who for the most part drinks 2 a day, and is having withdrawal symptoms.

Obviously the more per day will have more bad effects.

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    I don't think the question is about 2 beers per day vs. 96 beers per day. What was asked is one beer per day where that beer is consumed either over 10 minutes or over 8 hours. Total alcohol consumed per day is exactly the same.
    – Eric S
    May 28 at 18:39

Its very well documented how alcohol effects the body, or should I say how its processed. The variable in question here is the rate at which you consume it.

If you drink one beer in 10 minutes then most likely (depending on percentage of alcohol the drink contains) you will feel a 'buzz' because you would be consuming alcohol faster than your body can break it down. If you drink one beer over 1-3 days, your body should be able to break it down without you feeling buzzed.

Prolonged alcohol use, whether you feel the 'buzz' or not, can lead to deficiencies in certains vitamins and minerals in addition to the extra load you are placing on your liver and kidneys which contributes to their decline of function over time versus someone who never drinks alcohol.

Note, there are a lot of variables here so this is general advice.

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