Traveling to Vietnam in 2018-19 I had the chance to try several (very good!) local craft beers and one of those I tasted in Ho Chi Minh was by Archetype Brewing Co.

I am trying to find out any reference, for example the address of the brewery headquarters, or a company website, because neither Google Maps nor RateBeer and Untappd seem to know where this brand of beer is produced.

Archetype Vietnam is not Archetype USA: https://www.ratebeer.com/search?q=Archetype&tab=brewer

Their logo:


  • How do you know it produced in Vietnam, meaning did you get a bottle of it and it was printed in Vietnamese or just pint glass. There are counterfeit beers in Vietnam. Try contacting Pasteur street brewing, Saigon, they are local brewer and they may know about it if it is indeed brewed in HCM. – Alaska Man Jul 4 at 18:52
  • @AlaskaMan the three links in my question seem to confirm what they told me in several bars, that this is a local brand from somewhere in Vietnam :) – MattAllegro Jul 4 at 19:33

It appears that this brewery is not local to Ho Chi Minh city at all but is based in North Carolina. The only brewery I can find with that name is https://archetypebrewing.com/ based out of Asheville. When I checked their "beer finder" with Ho Chi Minh City ( https://archetypebrewing.com/beer-finder/?fwp_beer_finder_proximity=10.8230989%2C106.6296638%2C10%2CHo%2520Chi%2520Minh%2520City%252C%2520Vietnam - direct link so sorry about the garbled URL ) it finds several locations in the city that sell their beer.

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