If you check websites like Drizly, it seems that people in Ohio aren’t allowed to order a bottle of scotch. Why is that?

Edit: The delivery services I’m referring to (e.g. Drizly) are a delivery service like food deliveries, not UPS or FedEx. They aren’t distributors, and they don’t carry the packages across state lines — they’re just local drivers that pickup and deliver a bottle from the nearest liquor store.

Also, they deliver beer, so I doubt it has to do with minors.

As an additional note, they deliver scotch in the state I’m from, so it seems to be something unique to this state, like some kind of law (which I have been unable to find).

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    I’m not an expert, but I believe many states strictly control the distribution of alcoholic beverages especially from out of state sources. All alcohol must go through licensed distributors. The rationale is to keep alcohol out of hands of minors. – Eric S May 27 at 1:06

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