As you know with the ongoing corona-virus issue, the need of alcohol as a disinfectant had increased dramatically.

I live in Iran, where alcohol is illegal. Nowadays, even if you can find a 100cc of 70% ethanol, you can expect to pay x10 price.

I'm looking for a way to make 70% alcohol with simple things that may find in any kitchen for daily needs.


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To make it with "simple things that may find in any kitchen for daily needs" is not possible to my knowledge. However you can with a few pieces bits that you should be easily able to get your hands on.

For example this recipe I found online :

  • Roughly 2 pounds of white sugar (preferably not bleached).
  • 1 gallon of water, purified if possible.
  • 2 empty water jugs made of HDPE plastic (simply look at the mark on the bottom of the jug), or a glass drinking jug.
  • 1 jar of simple baker’s yeast.
  • About 2 ½ feet of coiled copper tubing (not as expensive as you might think).
  • A bowl of cold water or ice big enough to hold your container (this is not a necessary step but it helps speed up the process).
  • 1 thermometer.
  • 1 funnel.
  • Duct tape.

Note that it does take over 2 weeks.

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