In recent days there are so many messages spreading over the social media saying drinking alcohol kills corona virus in our body? Is this true? As far as I understand, using alcohol based hand rubes will kill the virus from the surface of our body and it won't work inside our body.

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    No, that rumor is completely wrong. The alcohol based sanitizers need to be 70% to be effective. If you ever got the alcohol concentration up to that level in the body, you would be dead from alcohol poisoning. – Eric S Mar 27 at 12:30
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    Just as a point of comparison, here in the US you are considered legally drunk at a blood alcohol concentration of just 0.8%. – Eric S Mar 27 at 15:36
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    Please do not believe such fake scoops, there are other small things we can do to stay safe. In the case you think to be infected, contact a doctor, do not search for advices online. This public panic will be over ;) – MattAllegro Mar 28 at 17:16

Unfortunately the short answer is: no. Alcoholic drinks do not prevent or heal, as stated by the World Health Organization on February 21, 2020, in a post on their Facebook profile (source).

image from WHO FB account

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    I guess Corona beer will not help either. – Ken Graham Mar 29 at 14:43
  • @KenGraham Yes, 7bridges Imperial IPA would be way better no matter what the emergency is ;) but - now serouusly - you know better than me how to deal with that tag :) – MattAllegro Mar 29 at 16:50

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