alcohol from a Slavic country

My brother-in-law received this bottle while in a soccer recruit tryout in Yugoslavia(?) around 6ths year 2000. We haven't been able to identify it by anything on the label. It was opened, I think it is brandy but it is beyond its best years. If you look closely it has a wooden cross in the bottle. I have other pictures. I think it could have been made by a monastery. Any ideas?

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    Can you post a couple more images to include the Tapahtobaho (?) label more clearly? – Ken Graham Sep 1 at 13:42
  • Is there another label on the back? – Ken Graham Sep 2 at 16:01
  • no, there is no label on the back – Texas1Thom Sep 2 at 17:11
  • please excuse my novice approach to using StackExchange – Texas1Thom Sep 2 at 17:21

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