So, I have a 5 liter dark style beer batch which completed the fermentation. It's a bit cloudy at this moment even after racking. I have some pure bentonite clay lying around and I want to use it to clarify the beer.

The questions are..

1) Should I use bentonite to clarify the beer? I would need natural carbonation, as I don't have a keg. Will I need to add yeast again if I use bentonite to clarify? Also, if this is an option; how much bentonite shall I put for 5 liters beer, so much so that the yeast does not drop out?

2) If I can't use bentonite, then can I use gelatin instead? I had a horrible batch last time I tried to use gelatin. I guess I had put too much and it won't fully sediment. I had to throw the batch away, as it basically turned into 5 liter jello shot lol. How much (by weight/teaspoon) gelatin should I add for 5 liters of beer?

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