I have a can of local craft brew from a smallish brewery that has some "give" when I squeeze it. According to the can it was canned about 1 month ago. Other cans in the six pack feel normal and taste great. I can't see any evidence of leaking.

Is this normal and safe to drink or should I just toss it? If I open it and it has no carbonation then there's obviously no point in even trying to drink it.

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if it is local brew may I suggest sending a message to the brewer and asked about it. for any more advice, I do think it is still good but if you want to be safe just message them for why this 1 can feels so light.


after the comment of Eric Shain

"Even if it is safe, if it is underfilled it should be replaced. – Eric Shain"

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    Even if it is safe, if it is under filled it should be replaced.
    – Eric S
    Mar 15, 2019 at 16:32

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