Is it possible to have a non-alcoholic gin? Tastes like gin but without the alcohol. Tonic on its own just isn't the same, but as the years go by I feel the need to minimise the 'volume' in my glass.

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Is it possible to have a non-alcoholic Gin?

The short answer is yes.

Pernod Ricard has signed a deal to launch and distribute South African/Swedish brand Ceder’s in the UK, which describes itself as a “non-alcoholic alt-gin made with classic gin and South African botanicals”.

The non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ was launched in early 2017 by husband and wife team Craig Hutchison (South African) and Maria Sehlstrom (Swedish). - Pernod Ricard ventures into non-alcoholic ‘gin’

Seedlip also has a non-alcoholic gin on the market but the leading flavour is clove rather than juniper as with gin and is thus not a real gin. It is more a gin alternative.

The biggest name in non-alcoholic gin is Seedlip. Seedlip Spice 94 (£22.99, Amazon) is the closest offering Seedlip has to the ‘real thing’ — although they’re quick to offer a caveat.

“It’s made like a gin with botanicals, but is definitely not a gin.” The leading flavor is clove rather than juniper as with gin.

You may be familiar with non-alcoholic beer, but non-alcoholic gin is a relative newbie.

Amongst others non-alcohol gins (gin alternatives) are Brunswick Aces, Herbie Virgin and to a lesser degree Teetotal G&T as it is a pre-mix.

Teetotal G‘n’T has all the flavour of Gin and Tonic but without the alcohol. It is made from natural ingredients and botanicals found in a good gin and tonic. - The Temperance Spirit Company

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There is actually a non-alcoholic Gin substitute called Seedlip which is made in a similar way; by passing steam instead of alcohol vapour through botanicals. Unfortunately I'm not sure how available it is outside of the UK.

Please note that I am in absolutely no way connected to the company and have only tried a sip of a cocktail made with it in the past so YMMV.


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