I was going through a brochure in brewing and it mentioned Single Turn, Double Turn and Triple turn brewing. However, it did not mention what those mean. I would really appreciate if anyone with knowledge of this enlighten me on this.

  • Can you add a link to the brochure or brewery in question as it may be helpful.
    – Ken Graham
    Aug 8, 2018 at 12:40
  • This is what they have: Total Price = Brewhouse Turn + Ingredients + Optional Services + Packaging BREWHOUSE TURN: Base fee which includes up to 30bbls packaged yield per turn (yield dependent on batch process) and up to 18 days in fermentation vessel. • SINGLE TURN – $5,000 • DOUBLE TURN – $7,800 • TRIPLE TURN – $11,500
    – Jpt
    Aug 9, 2018 at 7:33

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As far as I understand a "turn" is a term from Contract Brewing. Though it seems like it's slightly ambiguous term with different meanings depending on context. In this case it refers to a "turn" using the brewery and includes time in a fermentation vessel. Which is to say for $5000 you can use the facilities to brew 30 barrels of beer from start to finish, plus extra charges for ingredients and packaging (canning/bottling/kegging).

Internally brewers will also use "turn" as shorthand for "turnaround time" which only refers to how quickly a batch of beer can go from the grain mill to the fermentation vessel and is used for planning how many different batches of beer can be produced in a day.


I suppose it is turn = shift (meaning that they can pack up to 90bbls per day if the packaging department works 24 hours per day).

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