We have lots of Blonde beer which expired last year and some expired May this year.

Is it still safe to drink?


From experience the only way you will be able to know it to crack one open and give it a try you they will be safe to drink.

Of course if you try them and it tastes funny (e.g sour/bitter) or is not what expected in terms of carbonation (don't know what blond beer you are talking about to say) then just pour away there is no harm in giving it a try

Overall the only way to see if it is ok is to pour one and give it a taste


Most likely - Yes, it is safe to drink it.

Your beer is almost guaranteed to be safe to drink for humans. No pathogens like alcoholic beverages. If you have bacteria in your beer, you will just have another style of beer (see Sour Beer).

Your beer could taste bad, but 1 year over expiration date is usually nothing serious. A lot depends on the type of beer + alcohol percentage + earlier exposure to oxygen + present bacteria in the beer.

When I brew Blondes, wheat beer or beers with belgian yeast, I'd rather have them condition in the bottle for several months before I drink them. Maybe your beer has become even better and more conditioned.

Good luck tasting!


Yes it's safe to drink. There is nothing in there that wasn't in there already. If it was stored properly it should show some signs of aging which can be a good thing if you are into that. The oldest beer I ever drank was a 9 year old doppelbock and it was still pretty darn good. I have had beers turn to malt vinegar after a few years. Just open it and taste it!

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    Some beers don’t age well. IPAs in particular are best fresh. Even a month or two old they’ll be less tasty. – Eric Shain Feb 26 at 23:28
  • The question is "was it safe to drink?" and the answer is always yes. Does it taste good is another question. – farmersteve Feb 27 at 14:52
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    I understand that. Your answer suggests that most beers are improved with aging. Unlike red wine, most beers are better fresh. Safe either way. – Eric Shain Feb 27 at 15:06
  • There is nothing in my answer that suggests that your common beer isn't going to be safe to drink, which is what the question was. I just suggested that a doppelbock tasted good after 9 years. Nothing about an IPA. Yet this guy drinks a 30 year old Coors and it wasn't half bad youtube.com/watch?v=OaxW157Lw7k&feature=youtu.be – farmersteve Feb 27 at 18:09
  • In no way did I challenge your opinion that the beer is safe. I just think it would be a better answer if you were more balanced about the effects of age on taste. Hoppy beers do not get better with age and are better fresh. – Eric Shain Feb 27 at 19:48

Dark beers often age better than Lighter beers, and since the beer past its BBD is a Blond beer the taste could be affected. To preserve beer it is essential to shield it from its 3 enemies:

  1. Oxygen: bottlecaps are NOT airtight oxygen can get in and ruin your beer.
  2. Light: Keep your beer in the dark, light can make it taste like cardboard.
  3. Temperature: Keep your beer no warmer than 15 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures can affect the taste.

This is why I only buy dark beers in a can (no light can get into a can) when they are close to the BBD, and then keep them cold.

But even if you kept your blond beers in a bright and warm environment they are still safe to drink.

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