Strip 10 of the Eavesdropper comic strip shows a small bar with a sequence of seven liquor bottles on a shelf. Can you identify them?

enter image description here

The comic strip apparently has a series of puzzles, with one puzzle encoding a word found on each page of the comic strip (except for the first few pages). We don't yet know where the puzzles are going, but then the comic only has 18 pages so far out of approximately 100 planned.

We have already identified a few of those bottles, see my answer.

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We already have three bottles identified. From left to right

Sake Advocaat Midori Benedictine Umeshu Cointreau Antitoxin

The solution might be another liquor, Sambuca, from reading together the first letters of "Skye, Advocaat, Midori, Benedictine, Umeshu, Cointreau, Antitoxin".



5th bottle is Choya plum wine.

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