What soft drinks mix well with alcohol to make a great, yet unique tasting drink?

We have all heard of rum and coke which is known as a Cuba Libre. I would like to try some other soft drinks with alcohol mixes that could be in someway less commonly known to the average person, like rum and coke. I would appreciate any recommendation possible and the reasons why the recommendation makes a great yet unique tasting drink.

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  • I'd think vodka would pair well with the fruitier sodas. But really, though, if you need to pollute liquor with a soft drink, rye/ginger is the way to go ;)
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    Jun 3, 2017 at 19:25

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My favorite Hi Ball of all Time is Vernor's(an obscure, potent ginger all type soda) and whiskey. Two powerful flavors that manage to keep their potency while still blending very well.

As a general rule for all of these Using a 12oz glass, I would pour 1.5 oz of liquor with 4.5oz soda directly over ice- stir gently. Drink with a full sized straw. Garnish with lime, orange, cherry, or lemon as appropriate. (The straw may seem unimportant, but in fact it creates a different experience than a sip straw or no straw)

If you're into sweet things I recommend Tuaca and Cream Soda (Jones' is my favorite for this). Tuaca is 80 proof and is sort of a Vanilla and Orange Liquor with butterscotch after notes. It's sweetness blends well into soda(also Vernor's as above, coke, orange soda, etc..) and very efficiently hides the alcohol.

Some traditional Hi-Balls:

Vodka with Soda Water and Lime: Descriptive words: Strong, simple, skinny, diet, crisp

Spiced Rum and Coke- Quite different from a cuba libre. Descriptive words: Sweet, easy, deceptive, spiced, flavorful

Vodka and Tonic and Lime: Descriptive words: Strong, simple, skinny, diet, potent, blunt, Quinine

Jack Daniels and Ginger: Descriptive words: Sweet, Bright, Easy, Traditional

Scotch and Soda (The original Hi-Ball): Descriptive words: Traditional, potent, slow-sipping

Some non-traditional quick combos:

Cake Vodka and Coke: Descriptive words: Soda Shop, Sweet, Vanilla Coke, Rich

Whipped Cream Vodka and Orange Soda: Descriptive words: dessert, old-fashioned, soda shop, masked alcohol, deceptively strong

Pear or Apple Vodka and Sparkling Apple Juice: Descriptive words: Apple Pie, Crisp, Sweet, Refreshing

Skinny Bitch - Vodka and Diet Coke: Descriptive words: Diet, skinny, easy

Dirty Shirley - Vodka (or cherry vodka) Ginger Ale (or Sprite) and grenadine(3/4 oz): Descriptive words: Sweet, fun, masked alcohol, deceptively strong, bubbly

Double O-7 - Orange Vodka/ lemon vodka orange slice or splash of OJ mixed with 7/up sprite : Descriptive words: Crisp, lively, effervescent, citrus, refreshing, bubbly

Swamp Juice (Named for color of beverage) - Mountain Dew and Captain Spiced Rum: Descriptive words: Energizing, sharp, citrus

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7 & 7 is popular

Seven Up and Seagrams 7 Crown

  • Would ruin the taste of the...Seagrams, if you ask me, Jun 6, 2017 at 5:53

If you want something sweet you can try

amaretto and coke (some more detailed information)
for an even sweeter experience you can even go for a mix with Dr pepper

It has a slimier taste to a bakewell tart so it is recommended if you like sweet things


A very interesting one is Ciroc Peach with 7-Up/Sprite. Tastes like fuzzy peach juice. You can mix 7-Up/Sprite with any of the other flavors of Cioc(or any flavored vodka if we generalize) but I find Peach the best for my personal tastes.


Try Red Wine and Coke. And do not forget the ice... It is great one hot days.

Turns out this is quite a hit in most of Europe already. Who would have thought that red wine and coke would go this well together? It is coke with a grape twist and its taste killer. - Red Wine and Coke

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