Last October, being in Northern Italy I really enjoyed a couple of sorts of Birra Moretti Beers of the Le regionali series.

Now, in Southern Italy (Campania) I would like to taste other sorts but I don't see these beers in food shops. Are these beers still available and I just have to go to a bigger grocery store, or were they limited and are not available any more, or are they not available in the South at all?


Can't tell you shops or supermarkets, but buying in internet should be possible, e.g. here: [link]http://www.bevandeadomicilio.com/birre-industriali/6338-moretti-le-regionali.html, [link]https://www.trovaprezzi.it/prezzo_the-caffe-solubili_birra_moretti_regionali.aspx, [link]https://www.amazon.it/Moretti-Birra-Toscana-Cl-50/dp/B00Y8CZ4KC

I didn't look for sales outside Italy, since you mentioned to be in Southern Italy. Sometimes local people do know more.

  • Thanks, that means that the beers are still available. I'm not in Italy anymore but I'll be there in couple of month again. Maybe I'll have more luck this time. – Altbier is not Old Beer Apr 16 '18 at 11:39

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