I'm a total novice, so excuses for what is likely a ridiculously stupid question. I know that a MARTINI is a drink (like a gin martini, vodka martini) but there is also a bottled drink called "MARTINI", in many varieties (extra dry - torino, bianco, rosso, and so on). What's the relation between MARTINI-the-drink and MARTINI-the-brand?

I use MARTINI-the-brand to make Negronis, to mix with tonic, and so on, and these drinks are obviously not martinis, even though they're made with a drink which has the word MARTINI on the label.


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Martini the brand is an Italian vermouth made by Martini & Rossi.

Traditionally, martini the drink is a concoction made with gin and vermouth, and a strong (but unproven) theory as to its etymology is that martini the drink was originally named after Martini the brand.

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