I had a bottle of Brahma beer when I was in Brasíl some years ago, and I didn't save the label. These are what I remember:

  • it was sweet and malty.
  • it had a white label.
  • it had 4% or thereabouts alcohol.
  • I purchased it at a decent and reputable restaurant circa 2008 — so it most probably wasn't an old or even a mislabeled bottle.

Reading their website is difficult for me, but I don't see anything which strikes me as a clear match — not even the Weiss (White) variety. Possibly, I suppose, but I don't see anything in the description here which would obviate this question.

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Are you sure it wasn't the Brahma Malzbier? I've had regular Brahma before and it taste like any other watery pale lager from MillBudCoors.

The Malzbier is a beer that is dark and they add caramel and it's low alcohol and sweet.


Manufacture: American pale lager type beer in which, after filtration, caramel and sugar syrup are added, giving the dark coloration and sweet taste.

  • Could be. I'll give it a try. Commented Apr 1, 2017 at 0:59

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