I have a lot of bananas at the moment - too many to consume by just eating or cooking or using in general. What is the best way to use banana in a drink - assume that I have a fairly wide and varied bar to choose from for the base of the drink.

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Bananas can go in any blended tropical drink fairly well. Any strawberry drink (daiquiri or margarita) can have bananas added. For obvious reasons though bananas would go better in a frozen drink than a "on the rocks" drink.

You can also peel bananas and freeze them and they will stay fine for a couple of months. The flesh will darken but they are perfectly OK to use. Take a frozen banana out and toss it into the blender for a smoothie or frozen cocktail.

In my opinion, bananas go well with the more tropical alcohols like rum, teqauila, triple sec, etc..

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    – Eric S
    Mar 21, 2017 at 17:16

I suppose this is obvious, but how about the Banana Daiquiri.

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