Thinking of brewing my own beer and am interested in making some reusable labels using cling stickers - the kind you see for auto window stickers.

Has anyone used cling labels and do they stay adhered when chilled and when the bottle has condensation?


I think they would not make a good candidate for beer or wine bottles if you want to subject them to moisture or cold

Static Cling Labels

Static Clings are usually made of a flexible vinyl or plastic that has a very smooth coat and will stick to clean glass surfaces utilizing the moisture in the air and on the glass to adhere to the surface. In cold weather and dry climates static clings tend to dry up, freeze and then fall off easily. The vinyl material will not retain its "cling" abilities for more than a year or two depending on the conditions where the cling is exposed. Some static cling options can be refreshed with soap and water, which is great for long-term use. Static Clings may need a custom quote.<

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