Seeking online sources where companies offer free labels for their products (beer, wine or other spirits)?

A few years ago I discovered that Crown Royal offers free custom made labels (restriction do apply). The labels fit right over the original labels in such a way that no one could tell the the original one were still on the bottle. I had much fun buying some Crown Royal with custom labels put in them at Christmas time. The looks we got when they read the labels were truly amazing.

My question is quite simple: Are there any other breweries or alcohol producing companies that offer free labels online for their alcoholic beverages?

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Free, just the label, can be placed over existing label

Purchase special labeled beverages to be shipped, includes alcoholic beverage

Not Free but still custom

  • In Milwaukee Sprecher brewing will do this for their beer or soda. Not sure if they will ship it. I've not heard of others but I'm from Milwaukee and don't know much about what breweries outside this area will do. Sprecher's Private Labeled Beer & Soda
  • @Ken Graham I've updated to include some free that they will mail to you, some that you can purchase.
    – Joel
    Nov 20, 2016 at 23:49

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