Are there any reasonably common beers that are made using a triple (or other) decoction mash? I'm interested in trying some but have had some trouble finding examples.

I would imagine there have to be at least a couple of breweries in Germany that still do decoction mashing, but are there any beers that make their way to the US?

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Source Material Referenced below. Depending on where you are located some of these I think would be available. In Milwaukee I've seen Pilsner Urquell, De Konick, Palm, and Rodenbach.

According to Gordon Strong, Pilsner Urquell uses triple decoction. This is actually a Czech style.

Another article from real beer states the following beers.

  • De Koninck
  • Palm
  • Rodenbach
  • Pilsner Urquell

Czech Pale Lager: Style Profile

Decoction mashing

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