I fly a lot, and like to seek out new beers while waiting or between connecting flights. Frequent flyers: let's help each other out and compile (community wiki-style) a list of establishments in major airports that serve local beers.

For definition's sake, though arbitrary, let's say a "major airport" is one which

So, outside of the U.S., check the airport's Wikipedia page for the stats—for example Berlin's Schönefeld Airport, with 7,000,000+ enplanements in 2010. Also eligible are airports like Luxembourg's main airport, serving less than 5,000,000 passengers per year, but the most in its country. If this definition seems to rule out some rather important airports, we can modify the rules.

This list would probably help me with "tiebreaking" when I can't decide what flights I'd rather take. It would also give me a reason to enjoy longer-than-desired connections :-)

This is a question asked among the series of regional-but-potentially-useful-if-specific-enough questions. See

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Let's keep the list alphabetical by IATA code.

ATL — Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport

  • Concourse B. SweetWater Draft House & Grill.

BOS - Logan Int'l Airport

  • Terminal A / Gate A22. Harpoon Tap Room. (Highly rated!)

    enter image description here

CLE - Cleveland Hopkins Airport

  • Main Terminal Great Lakes Brewery https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/home Full selection of beers on tap.

    The Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is delicious and year-round, but the Spring 2014 seasonal is most likely the Chill Wave Double IPA, which is one of their best. Sometimes, they have brewery-exclusive kegs, which are always very good!

    enter image description here

JFK - John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport

  • Terminal 2 / Gate 67. (That's most popularly the Domestic US Delta terminal.) BRKLYN Beer Garden. As of 2014, they've got 6 Brooklyn / Bronx beers on draught, and a few from Long Island and upstate.

    enter image description here

    Source: acheong87

LHR - London Heathrow

  • Terminal 5 / near gate A7. The Crown Rivers always has some real ale on tap, from a hand pump.

MSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul Int'l Airport

  • Terminal 1 / Concourse G near gate 17. Taste of Mill City Tavern serving Surly Bender, Summit IPA, Fulton Sweet Child of Vine and Shell's Pilsner on tap.

ORD - Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport

  • Terminal 3 / Gate L8. Goose Island Beer Company.

    enter image description here

SAN - San Diego Int'l Airport

TPA - Tampa Int'l Airport

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