When looking for source material to quote, often I find articles from a wide variety of places when it comes to beer. When looking for technology information, I find it best to simply go to the most highly reputable sources (such as a source authored by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, etc.).

Are there any readily available online sources of high repute for beer?

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    Possibly too broad. There are many acceptable answers to this question.
    – Ryan Kinal
    Feb 6 '14 at 15:05
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    Aside from being too broad, the answers would be primarily opinion based and the purpose of this site is to become an online source of high repute for beer. I suggest that when you come across an article, asking questions about it here. Feb 6 '14 at 16:16

There are quire a few poorly-sourced beer blogs out there, many of whom get their information from other beer blogs. If you want high-quality information, I'd suggest:

  • Well-known authors. Anything by Michael Jackson is usually pretty well-regarded. Randy Mosher is also reasonably trustworthy. Honestly, any published author is likely to be considerably more authoritative than random blogs.
  • Beer-related Organizations like the bjcp or the aha and their magazine "Zymurgy"
  • Industry publications like the brewers association
  • Brewing literature. There's a very active homebrewing community out there, and you can find answers to some questions on beer production there. How to Brew is one of the better ones available for free online.

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