Well, after living in Germany for a couple of months, i understood that the flavor is everything. Usually people say that a great Beer should be cold, well, i think that's not the main issue. In your opinion what are the things that makes a good Beer? Can you name your favorite? So we can have like a List of Great Beers to taste.

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A Great Beer is an opinion. Sure, you can look at RateBeer or BeerAdvocate and see the best beers according to votes, but does that really make it the best beer?

A Budweiser can be the best beer in the world on a warm Saturday, but it will not score highly when you are sipping it whilst lying next to a large fire on a cold night.

A Westvleteren 8 is a phenomenal beer, but I would not like it, served at 4C on a hot day.

Your own likes will affect if a beer is great. If you do not like sour beers, then a beer like Cantillon Gueze might be a horrible beer for you, but others will rate it as one of the best beers in the world.


My favourate Beer of all time is: Sublime Chaos by Anarchy Brewery Sublime Chaos

I would say that This is my favorite beer for a few reason

  1. Rich Coffee Flavoring
  2. Not to heavy (for a stout)
  3. Smells amazing

I think when it comes down to the perfect beer it all comes down to an individuals preference some like a nice golden beer some like a wheat beer I personally love a stout or a porter

For me tho a good beer is one that taste amazing, smells amazing and is a pleasure to drink not just drinking for drinking sake it has to be a beer you have a good time drinking

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