I usually brew my own beer. I prefer IPA (American) to all other styles. I like more carbonated beers (with CO2 volume >4, refer to the chart -http://www.drinktanks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/CARBONATION_CHART_DRINKTANKS.png). Would an overcarbonated hoppy (IBU >70) ale qualify as an IPA or would that be a completely different style?

Thank you.

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I would argue that an overcarbonated IPA is still an IPA. IPAs are characterized by the intense hoppy aroma, a malt backbone, and color. The carbonation level isn't referred to in style guides, generally.

What I believe you're doing is creating a slightly more sour IPA. With more dissolved CO2 in the beer, you're creating slight amounts of carbonic acid, and acids make things a bit more sour. Seems like a pretty cool variant of an IPA, actually.

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