I recently drank Stone's "Punishment" which was brewed with jalapeños! Having homebrewed with jalapeños from my garden for years I was super excited. Are there other breweries that have started experimenting with spicing their beers this way?

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    In the UK there is a long tradition of spicing beer with cinnamon and recently other spices have been tried Modha ales make a cardamom spiced beer.
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I recently had their "Crime" and loved it. Here are some other beers brewed with Jalapenos, but not a whole lot from major breweries like Stone.

Rogue - Chipotle Ale

"smoked jalapeno peppers"

enter image description here

Twisted Pine - Ghost Face Killah

"serrano, jalapeno, habanero, fresno, anaheim" (notoriously hot) enter image description here

Alaskan - Jalapeno Imperial IPA

enter image description here

Horseheads - Hot-Jala-Heim

"jalapenos and anaheim"

enter image description here

No Label - Don Jalapeno

"this beer is brewed with 60lbs of jalapenos. 30 lbs raw and 30lbs roasted (seeds included)"

enter image description here

Hot Box - Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter

"smoked poblano & jalapeno peppers"

enter image description here

  • BadWolf brewing in Manassas Virginia has a jalapeño IPA.
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  • If you can find a label online, by all means feel free to post a separate answer :-) Commented Jan 14, 2016 at 22:13
  • Country Boy has a jalapeño porter
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    Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 20:24
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    Just as a bit of commentary, I have tried Ghost Face Killah on two occasions, and immediately regretted it both times. Unlike many other chili beers that I have had, this one destroyed my palette almost immediately. I consider it something of a "dare" beer, or a last beer of the night.
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This is not a jalapeno beer, but along the same lines. Ballast Pointe brewery out of San Diego, CA makes what they call a Habanero Sculpin IPA. It is delicious and you can find it all the way over here on the east coast in NC. It has a very nice kick to it- it's great with a steak or something kind of heavy, but not so great for beer pong as the habanero really does have a bite to it. enter image description here


There are many Jalapeno beers out there. Here is a list of the top 50 rated beers brewed with jalapeno (source):

  1. Arizona Wilderness American Presidential Stout
  2. Indeed / Northbound Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter
  3. Stone Smoked Porter - Chipotle Peppers
  4. Two Henrys Roasted Jalapeño Blueberry Porter
  5. Fate (AZ) Chocolate Chili Milk Stout - Jalapeño
  6. Trois Dames / Six Point Jalapenos Raspberry Double
  7. Alaskan Pilot Series: Jalapeño Imperial IPA
  8. Jaipur Jalapeño Ale
  9. Tempest Chipotle Spiced Extra Porter
  10. 5 Stones Aloha Piña
  11. Birdsong Jalapeno Pale
  12. Grand River Jubilation Spiced Ale 2008 Retired
  13. Country Boy Jalapeno Smoked Porter
  14. Angry Chair Byron IPA - Pineapple and Jalapeño
  15. COAST Dave Brown
  16. Country Boy Jalapeno Smoked Porter XXX
  17. Asheville Fire Escape
  18. Coronado Señor Saison
  19. Urban Artifact Harrow (Orange, Jalapeno)
  20. Evil Twin Spicy Nachos Retired
  21. Cigar City Strawberry Jalapeño PB&J Double Cream Ale
  22. Banger El Heffe
  23. Fate (AZ) Jalapeño Cream Ale
  24. Wasatch Jalapeño Cream Ale
  25. Fairhope Shallow Jalapeño
  26. Manayunk Black Eye P. A.
  27. Cigar City Jalapeño Peach Pale Ale
  28. Barley Browns Hot Blonde
  29. Kuhnhenn Jalapeño Lime Mead
  30. Cigar City Florida Cracker - Raspberry & Jalapeño
  31. Cigar City Jalapeño Red
  32. Town Hall Chipotle Wee Heavy
  33. Old Ox Kristin’s Temper: Jalapeno Pale Ale
  34. Pizza Port Carlsbad Raceway IPA - Roasted Pineapple & Jalapeño
  35. Swamp Head Smoke Signal Porter - Chipotle
  36. Steam Plant Jalapeno Ale
  37. Throwback Spicy Bohemian
  38. Waikiki Jalapeño Mouth
  39. Breaker Mine Fire Blackberry Jalapeño Ale
  40. Seven Bridges Maple Jalapeno Stout
  41. Pizza Port Night Rider - Tequila, Jalapeño & Chocolate Retired
  42. Golden City Javapeño Stout Retired
  43. Ballast Point Smoke Screen Helles - Jalapeño
  44. Original Gravity 440 Pepper Smoker
  45. No Label Don Jalapeno Ale
  46. Horseheads Hot-Jala-Heim
  47. Nickel Back Country Gold - Jalapeño
  48. Black Forest Jalepeno Pilsener
  49. Rogue Chipotle Ale
  50. Fort George Spank Stout

Again, not a jalapeno beer, but a great one nonetheless that incorporates similar thinking. RAR Brewing in Cambridge, MD makes a killer beer called Habanero Nectar.

enter image description here


Bent River (from Rock Island/Moline, IL) has a Jalapeno Pepper Ale. They take it with them when they go to most festivals. I assume it's mostly for novelty. Tastes kinda like drinking nacho beer (probably make a good beer dip).

It was added on beeradvocate in like 2005, so apparently they've been doing it for a while.


Triangle Brewing Company from Durham, NC make their Habanero Pale Ale.

I went on a brewery tour here in 2014, exceptionally minimalist brewery, and very generous with the samples! I've got to say, personally, a half pint would be enough but it's 100% worth trying for the experience alone.


Welcome to Scoville from Jailbreak is a great beer. Beer Advocate

Welcome to Scoville

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