I'm a hop lover, recently I found one of bests IIPA I ever tasted (I don't know if I can name beer / brand)

I've found at the bottom of the bottle, there are no yeast rests, but yes hop leafs. :) sweet!

One friend tell me this technike is called bottle dry-hopping, consisting in introducing a little bud of hop in each bottle.

I've heard about dry-hopping but before botteling the beer, also i know Hop Spider, is a filter you fill with hop for the freezing step.

Three techniques are great and give nice results at the end, so:

  • Anyone knows about other techniques using hops to add flavour and aroma AFTER cooking the beer?

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I saw on Zythos Beer Festival in Leuven (Belgium) where they have a hop chamber (in glass) where the beer is going through when drafting into a glass.

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    Often called a randle Commented Aug 21, 2015 at 13:29

Some breweries use a hop "Torpedo", where the beer is forced through a chamber containing the desired aroma hops:


You probably don't need one that big, though.

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