Recently, CNN listed the Smith Street Tap from the Good Beer Company in Singapore as one of the world's greatest bar (http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-07-21/the-greatest-bars-in-the-world/23).

Also, locally known, Brewerkz http://www.brewerkz.com/ serves some good craft beer.

After some internet searches, I found Jungle Beer that is a mircobrew: http://www.junglebeer.com/

Other than the 3 sources listed above, where else can one get craft/microbrewery beer in Singapore?

Are there other microbreweries in Singapore?


Reddot Brewhouse
Archepelago (found in various locations)
1925 Brewery

Paulaner should be the same everywhere, Reddot is pretty good, I'm not sure that Adstra actually exists (but WOW, what a janky website). Brewerkz still seems to be the best AFAIK.

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