I found these Beer from Saarland but it looks more like commercial brews.

Are there any craft/microbrewery in the tri-country greater region of Saarland (Germany), Luxembourg and Lorraine (France)?

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First of all... you must know in this regions there is a laarge tradition with beer, so microbreweries are not as usual as in other regions, because there is a lot of abbeys and old factories that made beer in a traditional way. That tradition gives us really good beers, what makes microbreweries less usual than in other regions like Spain or Italy or center-south part of France where comercial beers are a real shit ;).

That's why I will make not only a microbreweries list, but also places where you can find craft and traditional beers of each region.

Also, feel free to check this map I made where you can find some Bretagne (France), Flandes (Belgium) and some Italian (Roma), Home/micro-breweries, Abbeys, Factories, Brasseurs and Bars :) related.


Here and here you can find more Saarland breweries.

Walsheimer Sudhaus Microbrewery
Facebook: walsheimbrauerei
[email protected]

Neufang's Brauerei
Dudweiler Landstraße 3-9,
66123 Saarbrücken.

Grosswald Brauerei - Bauer
Grosswaldstrasse 132,
66265 Heusweiler.

Hochwälder Braugasthaus
Zum Stausee 190,
66679 Losheim am See.

Homburger Brauhaus Karl-Heinz Wierz Saarpfalz-Center
Talstraße 38,
66424 Homburg.


Here and here you can find more Luxembourg breweries.

Brasserie Simon
rue Joseph Simon 14,
9550 Wiltz.
Homepage: http://www.brasseriesimon.lu/
Annual production: 23,000 hl

Brasserie Bofferding
Bd J.F. Kennedy 2,
4901 Bascharage.
Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.bofferding.lu/

Go Ten Café
Type: Bar (6 taps, 8 bottles)
10, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes
Luxembourg, Luxembourg L-1728
+352 26203652

Liquid Café
Type: Bar (6 taps 25 bottles)
15 - 17, rue Munster, Grund
Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Finde here a list of breweries and brewers (is a France one, but you can search for cities like Metz) and here a list of brasseurs (traditional beer producers in france).

Bière de Metz
Rue de la Fontaine à l Auge
Jury, France 57245
(3) 87 63 83 41

Bière Artisanale Lorraine L’Epitaphe
40, rue de France
Blénod-Lès-Pont-À-Mousson, France 54700

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